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 I’m Scott Mercer, Freelance Writer and Author – jobs which never feel like work.  

Let’s get started....

What I Write:


Radio Scripts

Feature Articles

Business Communications




My creative life’s been full of happy accidents.


I wrote my first newspaper article at 18, after I’d criticized a local writer’s column to my father. 


“If you can do better, why don’t you?” he challenged me prophetically.  A lifelong passion ignited when the paper took a chance on a teenage amateur.  I’d spend a hockey season on the road with my hometown Junior hockey team, the Oshawa Generals, ultimately (and ironically) assuming the role of Sports Editor from the very writer I’d criticized.


I was definitely older than 18 when I first appeared on radio.  Hosting a live program was a natural extension of my passion for music.  But still, before it became a reality, the initiative needed a push from an industry professional.  Luckily, one was handy: a friend with many years’ experience as a broadcaster and programmer.


“Come up with an idea and pitch it to a Program Director,” he suggested. 

“Stories We Could Tell,” the concept which emerged from that conversation, would last three years, and “The Spy Who Loved the 70’s” would follow.  [To hear clips from these programs, click here.]

All roads in my life seem to lead back to music.  Even when I did some casual acting, it would be a factor.  Among my projects was a music video for Red Light King, whose song “Bullet in My Hand” saw me cast as a doctor.  [To watch the video, click here.]


My wife had always been my biggest fan and most honest critic.  When we moved to a town with its own popular magazine, she encouraged me to contribute.  A decade later, I still enjoy it. 


Eventually, I’d branch out beyond that single magazine, as often as I could tackling music-related topics: the origins of a popular country music festival, profiling a well-respected Toronto musician from the 60’s, and interviewing Steve Boone of the Lovin’ Spoonful, who were making a tour-stop in a nearby city.  [To read some sample articles, click here.]


Then my wife urged me to think bigger:  “You’ve got books in you.”  Combining my passions for writing and music (wouldn’t you know it) – and drawing on the old adage “write what you know” – "The Stories They Could Tell" was born.  See some samples on this site's tab called, appropriately, "The Book."


In between these diverse projects, I worked in a corporate environment.  So I learned about business communications, as well as writing speeches and newsletters. 

Scott 1.jpg

My chance to introduce myself.

So, what can I write for you?


Interview Clips


I've been fortunate to interview many notable musicians.  Here, four of them comment on the same topic: "What's in a name?" 

 The player below will allow you to select and listen to the clips.

Bill Medley (left) of The Righteous Brothers tells how a nickname became their legendary moniker. 

Righteous Brothers cover.jpg
Time to think Kingston Trio.jpg
Searchers pic.jpg
Canned Wheat cover.jpg

John McNally, of England's Searchers, relates how their name was inspired by a source unrelated to music.

Randy Bachman (left) recalls The Guess Who's earliest days, and the name which wasn't really meant to be.

Interview Clips
Radio Clips


Nov 2014

Writing Samples


I've been fortunate to write for newspapers and magazines, and on a wide range of topic areas.  Here are some samples.

Everyone appreciates a “David & Goliath” story, where fearless David defies the odds and overcomes his more powerful opponent.  Ultimately, there’s satisfaction in rooting for an long shot, especially when he prevails in the end.


[To read the entire article, click here.]

Few musical trends have been met with stronger mixed feelings than the one which highlighted 1975.  The style would become one of the best-loved…and most reviled…in pop music history....and Linda Ronstadt finally arrived as a superstar in ’75, and Bruce Springsteen planted a firm foothold.  It was the first time we hear from Styx, and the last time we heard from a man who made use of a “Chevy Van...”

[To read the entire "Spy" script, click here.]

Here's a personal story (and a true one) about my Dad and I.  Read about our encounter with one of my father's heroes.  I called it "The Big Kid." 


[To read the entire piece, click here.]

“It’s different when you hear it from someone who was there,” George Emmerson says to me after I express my lifelong interest in World War II.  Our eyes lock briefly in a knowing but wordless exchange. 


[To read the entire article, click here.]

Radio Clips


Music, and writing as couldn't get much better!  I was fortunate to experience writing and/or hosting on live commercial radio.  Here are sound samples from two of those programs.

The player below will allow you to select and listen to the clips.

The Spy Who Loved the 70’s

This ran as a 10-part, 31-hour documentary: three hours were devoted to each year in the 70’s decade, plus a one-hour “epilogue” to sum-up the experience.  The station hired a professional voice as its presenter, and ran the series over multiple summers.

Stories We Could Tell

We didn’t want our discussions on SWCT to sound scripted, so there was a purposeful "ragged" quality to it.  Its premise….?  My co-host and I were sitting around discussing music, playing our records…and you were listening in.  Each week had a different theme; for three years, we never ran dry of ideas.

Writing Samples



Accurately estimating the time-required for a given project is generally straightforward.


Some factors:

  • How much time is required to prepare (reading background text and/or interviewing)?

  • How long will the actual creation take?

  • How much editing would be required, once drafted?


Smaller projects will be charged at an hourly rate.  But of course all projects aren’t equal, and for larger ones, we’ll negotiate a flat rate.


Part of my preparation will be speaking with you, the Customer, and that’s a freebie.  The purpose…?  The tone of the piece is as critical as its subject, so I need to understand my audience so I can write with him/her/them in mind. 


I work at an hourly rate of $100 Cdn plus HST. 




If you’d like to discuss a project, let’s arrange an appointment.  Using the form below, please tell me who you are, what project you’re considering, and when/how I can contact you – then we’ll get started. 


Thanks for visiting my site!

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