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History Bites

No, it doesn't!  ...that was just a catchy title.  Here I'm the Historian, presenting bite-sized tidbits about anything music-related: something from the news, something I heard on the radio, or a fleeting thought as I pulled something out of my music library.  Check 'em out below.

Hey, look what I found...!

No surprise, I've been a record collector all my life, haunting thrift stores and yard sales in search of lost musical gems.  There's always something new to discover, so I'm still doing it when time allows.  Here's a story about a recent find or two.

"Where Were You When I Needed You" was a Top 10 hit for The Grass Roots in 1966.  But did you know there were two versions?  For the details, click here.

Grass Roots album.jpg

Hey, hey, we're The Secrets!  ...wait a second, wasn't that supposed to be "The Monkees?"  Here's an album I recently found featuring great Monkees' covers by a Canadian band. Read the story here.

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